G'dday, this is Michael from downunder.

Nickname: BBM, urug

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hair: Grey - some would call it white:) - used to be dark brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 165

Age: 66

Family: Grandfather of 8 from 1 week to 6yo. Happily married.

Background: Got my first computer in 1976 (TRS-80 with 4K RAM!). Built my first modem (300 Baud) and spent many enjoyable/sleepless nights on bulletin boards. Have been using them continuously since but more sensible around sleep these days. In fact, this is the first forum I have joined for many years.

I have just let go of my full time business (given to staff) and have started anew as a self-publisher, publishing my wife's book - quite a learning curve. I'm now looking at learning to create websites and build up a business online.

Hobbies: People - my business was in stress management and meditation - computers, reading, music, walking and geocaching.

Fav Music: Mostly classical, jazz and 'feel good stuff' like 'The Rose' by Bette Midler

Fav Foods: Love Asian food and good wines.

Fav Movies: 'Feel good stuff' - things like Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle

Dislikes: Viruses, trojans, spyware etc., discourtious drivers, violence

Reason for joining: - to keep learning

Hi Michael, welcome to DaniWeb. Good luck with the book project, he says, with the manuscript of his own book due with the publisher on Monday. Sleep, who needs it? :)

Thanks Davey, looking forward to contributing/learning.

Welcome, if you don't want to say that is fine but what is your wife's book about?


Your bio makes you sound a lot like one of our existing members, ancient dragon, maybe he will stick his head in and say hello :)

Thanks Jasimp. Nice to hear from you. The book is entitled 'Am I Going Mad? - the unsettling phenomena of spiritual evolution'. First book on this subject published in Australia.

I didn't include details as I thought it might infringe the 'advertising' rules.

It's not yet available in the US and if you are interested PM me and I'll give you the URL.



I'll look forward to meeting ancient dragon online sometime, thanks jbennet.

Is there a way I can check out his/her bio?




I just tried a search for ancient dragon and found lots, so please ignore that question.