Got my woman a laptop for xmas... now i don't know what type of router to get. Is there a way to check whether the machine supports wireless G?

This is the closest answer I got whilst googling:

This states that wireless N is backwards compatible with G, but does not answer my question specifically.

Looking through the linksys website is like taking a walk through the local pc store..

Looking at system properties in control panel and device manager also yields no answers..

Laptop documentation also does not provide answers. It's mostly about safety and how to set everything up. Second hand pc dealer also clueless. (yes, I was trying to save $$$)

I would rather save $$$ by buying a G router if I can.. why do they make it so hard to find out what type of connection is supported by one's laptop..??!

Laptop is a brand new Dell Inspiron 1501 with Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3500 1.8Ghz 894Ram 32-Bit Vista machine.

Wireless network card is a Dell Wireless 1490 Dual Band WLAN mini-card.

If anyone can provide a method for determining whether a laptop is wireless B, G, N etc.. and can break it down to the 1st grade level.. i would appreciate it very much.


It's as simple as each letter signifies an upgrade in the wireless device, 802.11 was the first now reffered to as a legacy system ( old) then came A then B/G now we are looking at the newest N. as for the type thats on your PC you should be able to see the name and letter type in the properties of the connection. or you can look in the system, device manager, under network adapter. there you shold see the name of the adapter and the type. as for the router you should get i suggest you stick with the G. the N is slated to be officially release in Septermber 2008, so unless you plant o wait that long of go for a test production type,

IS this a VISTA or XP laptop?