Hi, folks!

I'm in my mid-fifties, from Tennessee (USA). My day job is doing home repairs as a one-woman business. Used to be a home-building contractor. Love to give advice.

The second priority for my time is a project to bring Americans with divergent political views together, restore trust between us as citizens, and render the current system of marketing candidates unusable through a positive method.

That's why I'm here trying to learn how to make my web site do what I need it to do. GOOD GRACIOUS! It seems like every week I learn to do some little thing in FrontPage that excites me, only to find out it's outdated or limited.

I sure do admire the skill, knowledge and creativity I've seen browsing the posts here. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to help others.

Welcome aboard...hope you'll enjoy it here.

thunderstorm98, that's a great thought from ole Bucky, and it addresses the purpose of my web site. I'm worried that America's political and economic systems have succeeded so well that we forget the importance of individual integrity. Our lives are so comfortable that we think nothing can change for the worse...that we're somehow entitled to treat each other badly for purposes of money-making or office-seeking.

I see you're from India. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to connect with people I would never get to meet otherwise.

jasimp, your quote is relevant as well. When I reluctantly started using a computer, there was a shocking dissonance between the way my brain was already wired and the very linear thought required to compute. I'm still much more creative on paper, where all the senses come into play.

Thanks for the warmth, everybody.