Hey,I'm new to this site,and I just received this mp3 player yesturday from my uncle.
When I brought it home and tried to turn it on,I can only see the backlight turn on,theres no words,no welcome messages nothing other from light in the screen.I can listen to the music I transfered into it,listen to the radio,change the EQ; but the problem is that I can't see a freaking thing while navigating through the MP3 :cry: :sad: :-|
I used the CD to upgrade everything but nothing happens,I read the Owner's Manual and theres nothing in the manaul that says how to fix the problem.I tried using different batteries,didn't work,still no letters or anything.I did almost everything. I would return it but its my Uncle's present he gave me for my birthday and he lives far so he can't send the reciept to me.
Anyone help please? :cry:

Thanks! :)

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i need help too :sad:
my mp3 play does the exact same thing ... i tried it all ...... all i know is it is linked to the the amount of battery power you have ... the more power in the battery .... you'll be able the see the screen .... but it's been screwing up on me more and more .... and i finally am getting really tired with it ......
oh ... and one more question ........ um .... does your mp3 player play MIDI files ..... i tried but it doesnt work on mine .... and it doesnt say in the booklet .....
:mad: .....
oki .... :cheesy:thankyou ... please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!:!:

The file's the mp3 player play's dephend's on its sort.. theres mp3 player that plays midi files and there's ones that wont..

Send it back it sounds like the LCD display is broken. It's really not worth trying to repair just send it back. You do not need receipt for faulty goods that is the law.:cool:

I got one last june, and the screen and everything was fine when my dad bought it for me, but now it doesnt fully charge, the screen cracked out of no where, and now i cant even listen to it. normally it turns on when you put it on the dock if the dock is on, i did that last night before i got in the shower, and it didnt turn on as it usually does. i plugged it on to the computer, did nothing. i am so mad! now im trying to get it fixed, but i went to circuit city, they said contact the manufacturer, then THEY said to recontact circuit city, so i called them today, and they said i need to call the manufacturer! AHHHHHHHH:@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA GO FRIKIN CRAZY!

what should i do? it seems as though they are sending me on a wild goose chase!

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