I cant say i agree with what she did but i totally understand why!!

The world is so me$$ed up,who would bring a baby into all this crap??

Well if they're not going to breed, they're biologically irrelevant.

So why not reduce the carbon footprint even further and commit suicide NOW and then the rest of the planet doesn't have to put up with all that self-righteous whining.

In other words, why not apply the "no children" rule to themselves, it's the next logical step in their "argument" for saving the planet.

What an idiot

I call that natural selection, at least she wont pass her stupid genes on

Wouldn't it be ironic if the pregnancy she terminated would have grown into the person who perfected a carbon-less energy source that brought the entire world out of its dependence on fossil fuels? :)

(Though you're probably right - the gene pool is most likely better off)

I've advocated mass suicide to greenies for years. So far there have been no takers, sadly.
This however is a good sign, at least they're trying to save the world from themselves by making sure there's no offspring they can pass their nutty ideas on to ;)