Is this the cheapest Linux laptop on the planet?

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Forget the One Laptop Per Child project hyperbole, there seems to be another contender emerging which is deserving of the title 'cheapest Linux laptop on the planet' despite having very little in the way of publicity when compared to the OLPC machine. The Linux lappy in question is the Elonex One, a device which Elonex is saying it will provide one unit free of charge to underprivileged kids for every hundred commercial systems it sells. Now that might not sound overly generous, but the argument would seem to be that when you consider it is selling at under $200 (or £99 here in the UK) that sufficient volume will be shifted in order for that buy hundred get one free deal to make a difference.

Of course, I tend to veer towards the argument that if they are that cheap to produce (and one has to assume that Elonex some margin on each unit sold) that the company could just bite the bullet and donate a decent number of laptops no matter what the commercial sales volume turns out to be.

Still, that gripe apart, working in conjunction with the National Laptop Initiative here in the UK the plan is that every child in the UK should have access to a laptop. Here's hoping that particular dream is realised, and perhaps more deservingly realised in less financially privileged nations as well.

As for the Elonex One itself, it comes with a 300MHz LNX Code 8 Mobile processor, and a Debian-based distribution. Add to that 128MB RAM, 1GB Flash and a detachable screen and there is no denying that you get a lot of Linux laptop for not very much money at all.

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That looks nice. However, the whole buy 100 / get one free deal isn't going to benefit 3rd world countries that much at first, but as sales progress, err... IF sales progress, then the benefits will follow.

It looks nice, and it's different from most laptops these days (the fat part is the screen, and the keyboard is thin).

I'd buy one, but I don't think I'd use it as my everyday computer. I mean, it's great for the price. But with its specs it won't be up there in the consumer product.

But I'm not bashing this computer, as they've made a great deal for a very low price.

OLPC is no longer the "cheapest Linux laptop on the planet" because it no longer runs open source operating systems. It runs Windows XP, which made me upset when I read about it.

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What the heck is an LNX Code 8 Mobile processor?

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