I have a website. Its IT related website last 2 months alexa ranking is good but at this time alexa ranking is not good.
Tell me details how to improved in Alexa ranking in my website....
If you access my site just <link removed>

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Alexa rating is a third-party company (owned by Amazon) that aims to guess how much traffic you have. Focus on growing your traffic and don't worry about what your Alexa rating is. It's barely accurate anyways.

You can try submitting your site in social bookmarking sites, wiki sites. They will really help in improving Alexa Rank.

For many, Alexa rankings (as well as Compete.com and Quantcast.com rankings) are really about the perception of others - it is definitely still used by many as a means to determine the quality of a site that wish to obtain a link from. So in short, it is indeed still important.

It used to be that the more people that had the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser and visited your site, the higher the sites ranking. The best advice, as cscgal provides, is to focus on growing your traffic and an Alexa ranking will come in time. If you want a shortcut, try getting your friends and colleagues to download the toolbar and routinely visit your site.

Email Blasting

Grow the presence of your website/ brand and traffic will come.

Aside from continuous posting of content per week and submitting your site on Alexa.com, you have to buy some Alexa ranking services. Most of these services don't cost that much but is guaranteed to give beneficial results. Another way is to ask all your web visitors to add Alexa toolbar in their browsers.

Try to write about the Alexa ranking. If the blogger as your advice, there is a great chance to join them back to you. You can create a category called Alexa and then create articles.Posting expanded council and related article on Alexa Ranking is a good way to attract more webmasters to your blog, most of which have the toolbar installed.Try all the world knows, visitors and their friends, that installing the Alexa toolbar helps to give the correct number of visitors to any website.

Do SMO properly. IT help to increase traffic of your website soon.

post your link on quilt y site and high PR site this is way of Alexa ranking

Alexa rank indicates how many visitors come to your site or blog. The more, the merrier and the smaller the number gets as a smaller number means more traffic. If you have a blog, encourage people to comment on your posts.

If your posts are interesting, and you allow Search Engines to follow commenters links, the conversation on your blog can grow lively... I have a WP Blog <plug snipped> and I am not afraid to have the DoFollow PlugIn installed... Getting a lot of comments might bleed Google PR ranking for a site... but isn't interacting with people what really matters?

You can install Alexa toolbar and also submit your website to alexaboostup.com for Alexa rank boost.

You should use an Alexa toolbar on your browsers.

Make your blog comment on high PR sites and write high quality content for blog posting and article posting. It is very fruitful to improve website's Alexa ranking.

Check Your traffic details and ranking on your website. I think you can submit your website on high pr sites.

Alexarank will be vary based on the visitors of the website. If traffic/visitors of the website is high then your alexarank will be low and viceversa. So you dont want to worry more that. Main thing is "Targeted visitors". We have to concentrate on that only.

Can You Know What Is Prosiger Of Alexa ??
Just You Wacth Your Site Daily 5-6 Hours Then Check Your Site Must Improve In Alexa..
But You Must Install Alexa Tool In Your Web Browser......

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just in case someone didn't know...

Honestly, who needs Alexa? It will not help to improve ranking or page-views, it's just a spy-tool, the Numbers it shows very seldom correct. Attaching it's Tool to your browser is just about the best thing you can do to end your Privacy, every click you ever do will be recorded and reported.

In addition to this, if your Site is on Alexa, then possibly at archive.org also. This is ok, but be aware what you offer on your Site, it could be archived and so visible for a long time to come...


I think Alexa and Google PR are old school things, and today they are not needed in my opinion.

install alexa toolbar
that is very helpful

Alexa is basically based on the quality traffic so your site's traffic will decrease then Alexa will increase so you focus on the traffic and you will reduce the Alexa ranking.

What good is Alexa? The results are all over the place. I used to have a good ranking but now it just sucks.

Making good traffic to your site will improve your alexa ranking, so focus on traffic to get better alexa. Do provide fresh content on blog section, it will drive more traffic.

you have to install the alexa toolbar to see the improvements

You can try submitting your site into blog posting and update your blog of social media site, that will be improve your alexa ranking.

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