Yes, it is common now a days to create a Facebook Fan Page. But how do you promote it?

I stick a badge on my web site and another on my blog. Tie it in with my Twitter and my LinkedIn accounts pretty much makes for a half decent self-promotion mechanism. All the pieces are doing separately important, unique things yet are extremely relevant to one another. Spins qualified traffic to wherever they need to go in order to find out whatever it is they want to know (that didn't even makes sense to me so don't worry about it).

Agreed.. in addition to what Fred suggested, you can make mention of the page in your email sig. If you have a newsletter, include a link or badge to let subscribers know. And once you get some fans, keep them entertained. If they contribute to a wall post, that shows in the news feed of others and they too may jump on board or engage in the conversation - potentially making it more important than the initial posting.

Also when giving out business cards you can put your facebook profile link on there if you're not into proactively inviting people.

In forums and blog comments related to your profile.

my question is how to put ads on facebook? because i saw some advertising ads on facebook sidebar.

you can easily post your ads on face book regional wise. It is much easy to gain more traffic via face book ads.

Facebook page is itself a promotional tool. But if further promotion is required then i would suggest to increase fan list. Moreover what you can do is submitting your page url in relevant directories and classified.

u can work through SB, and forums to promote it!


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Thanks for all the good advice. Have you ever used a facebook page promotional service and what was the result? Please do share.

Hi, I think to promote your facebook fan page, you can do the following things:

Make sure that you update your facebook fan page on a regular basis.

Strive to include some content on your fan page that is unique.

Include links to your fan page wherever possible.

Have a good day!

Thanks for the great advice. It must be unique content that will attract others to visit and feel they obtain additional value.