Hello I want to send html bulk emails to 1000 of registered users.is there any free software available to send the same.

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Most bulk email marketing services offer a free option for small mail-outs (for example, 250 emails or less, once a month); however, I don't think a free option is popular for 1000 or more emails.

Off the top of my head, I can think of MailChimp. They are probably one of the few services that offer a free option for that amount of emails. Perhaps a search would turn up more.

Otherwise, I would recommend going with a paid service like constantcontact, campaigner, icontact, or the many others.

I can added to last man what you can find on google or etc. email marketing provider what will be more useful for you. Mailchimp is good provider, but I use dotMailer software.

Most companies do not charge much for email blasts. Its always best to use a professinal.

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