I wonder if in the Surveys World something it worth the 39 USD to join.
Some website say that you will be asked to survey and be payed 5 to 10 to 20 USD per survey.

In my mind it not seams so crazy, I mean looks more real than HYIP,

I like very much the idea, I try to understand if it is real.

Can anyone suggest how can not be scammed?

Any good one there?

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They're as real as MLM schemes ;)

Do not pay to join an online survey company! The legitimate ones do not charge. There are dozens in Europe and the US that are legitmate and have great incentives. I like this one:


There are alot of legit sites that do not ask for you to pay them money. They should be paying you not visa versa. One site that I have found to be very easy to deal with and they will send you a check is Aw Surveys. I made $25 dollars the first day. Here is the link:


i tried AW stats but they don't pay same through with Treasure trooper

Try Gangstergreed !!!

Ganster Greed is a free membership that allows you to make money participating in free offers, surveys, etc...

Before you shake your head, this is not your typical "get paid to" site, Ganster Greed pays directly to your paypal account as soon as the offers you participated are validated and you have participated in at least $10 worth of offers. You don't have to wait for a month to get ur next payment.

The good news is there are enough easy offers (just enter your email address or zip code) that you can easily do $10 worth in less than an hour (these offers may take a couple of days to approve) When approved you can get that $10 paid directly to your paypal account instantly.

You do not have to stop at $10, many members are making hundreds monthly just by referring others. Gangster Greed is a get paid to program that offers a unique advantage that other get paid to programs lack. They let you cash out every single time you hit $10 in earnings.

Additionally, they have free offers only. There is no credit card required for any offer on the Gangster Greed site. There are few, if any other sites with as many free offers as Gangster Greed.

Who Can Join Gangster Greed?

Anyone may sign up with Gangster Greed, but only members from the United States can complete any offers. International members are able to take advantage of their great referral program. You also must be at least 13 years old to participate and only one account is allowed per household.

How Does Gangster Greed Pay You?

You may cash out any time there is at least $10.00 in your account.

To do this, go to the ’stats’ page and click “cashout” Once you do this, the cashout request will be sent to an administrator.

Once the request is approved, you are paid immediately. Requests are normally processed within 24-48 hours, usually sooner.

You are paid via PayPal, you can use this money to shop at ebay, craiglist etc or just save it in your bank accoun...neat huh!

Gangster Greed Referral Program

Gangster Greed also has a great referral program. Not quite a good as CashCrate’s referral program, but it is the second best in the GPT industry.

Gangster Greed Referral Program
1st Level Referrals- 25% Commission on Earnings
2nd Level Referrals- 6.25% Commission on Earnings
3rd Level Referrals- 1.56% Commission on Earnings
4th Level Referrals- 0.39% Commission on Earnings
5th Level Referrals- 0.09% Commission on Earnings

The way Gangster Greed has their referral program is that you earn 25% of level one. For level two you are paid 25% of 25%, which is 6.25%. For level three you are paid 25% of 6.25%, which is 1.56% and so on.
So don't wait, its definitely worth giving a try.
Join here http://www.gangstergreed.com?r=10327

And also see the gangstergreed forum for proof of payment & tips for getting approved...Happy earning...!!!
Good luck !!!

Tips -
* Always click on the confirmation link in ur email account to confirm you offer & be on the confirmation page for atleast 3 minutes.
* Do the daily offers they r free & always worth $1, if u don't qualify try taking other survey (movies, TV etc.) this works very easily.

i have not seen any site pay me. i any body gets paid he is very luck.

Like a lot of things your paying for convenience. One charge, and all the survey companies are in one spot...

I run a step by step online tutorial and personal coaching on how to make money online. You can get a free list on my page that I've collected from services I've paid for. Hope it helps you!

On another note.... I'd love to hear about others success, and how your doing it! Please feel free to email me, share your stories with me, and share your web pages.

Here's mine. <snip URL>

I'd love your opinions on it and how I can make it better. Also, how do you make money online? Let me know!


i feel that you should buy some important data.and other seconds data could be found by some software or website

Although there are still scam sites but more paid survey sites are real.

Use http://www.makesurvey.net witch is better than anyone of other site who supply this function. Make Survey is powerful and interactive online survey software, enabling users to organize, run and manage various types of surveys and polls. Make Survey is a web-based software, processing both Internet and email surveys. A wide spectrum of features allows users not only to build and publish questionnaires, but also to monitor the survey process during all its stages and analyze the results.Program can be useful to sociologists, market researches, business companies, governmental institutions, universities, schools, journalists and others.


I wonder if in the Surveys World something it worth the 39 USD to join.
Some website say that you will be asked to survey and be payed 5 to 10 to 20 USD per survey.

In my mind it not seams so crazy, I mean looks more real than HYIP,

I like very much the idea, I try to understand if it is real.

Can anyone suggest how can not be scammed?

Any good one there?

I think most of it is just a scam. I don't think if they will pay you after wasting your time.

theres a lot of these survey scam sites. they should be the one paying you not the other way around.


I wonder if in the Surveys World something it worth the 39 USD to join. Any good one there?

This is an old post but I am replying as many people still read this thread. My personal experience with surveys is very good. I have been paid by several times. There are several free paid survey panels like GTM, greenfield, Pinecone research, myview etc. My advice to newbies are:

1. Do not pay anyone to join a survey panel.
2. Search 'survey panel name + scam' in google and make sure it is legitimate before joining.
3. Join survey panels that pay cash or pay by Paypal.

Onething more: do not join membership survey sites that are not survey panels and avoid spam. For a list of free survey panels I recommend to check: http://earnextrarupees.com

Be careful when you join such a site ,mostly they got the long list from the Google search and not them who pay you the money,be careful more in AW survey since there reputations is really bad at the forum alternatively ,found yourself site that offer free offer like sendearnings dot com.they are include 5000INC company so they should has money to pay you,but remember this ,Only when you are US citizen you can get complete benefit of there program

Rule #1 online:

Don't pay to make money....especially survey sites or ebooks!

Great information, helpful

The easiest and fastest way for people to start making money are paid online surveys.The good thing is that you don't need any skills.You can start work now and to make your first $30 in several hours.The main problem is that most of these survey sites are scams.I spend more than 3 months to find legitimate survey site.And I found only one that is legitimate and absolutely free to join.So if you are serious about making money at home, just follow this link and create a simple registration.


Good survey sites are hard to find, but they do exist. Just make sure don't join any require you to pay.

I found some good free survey sites at the paid survey section of http://www.thefunstufftodo.com

There are many online work at home sites too.Do you have any expertise?

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