You can use this code to embed the windows media player in html pages. Just set the controls to suit and change file names etc..

almostbob commented: It would be of more use, to post something that was not available on the manufacturer's web site and tutorial pages +0
<object id="MediaPlayer1" CLASSID="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" codebase=",1,52,701" 
standby="Loading Microsoft Windows® Media Player components..." type="application/x-oleobject" width="280" height="256"> 
<param name="fileName" value="one.mpg"> 
<param name="animationatStart" value="true"> 
<param name="transparentatStart" value="true"> 
<param name="autoStart" value="true"> 
<param name="showControls" value="true"> 
<param name="Volume" value="-450"> 
<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="" src="one.mpg" name="MediaPlayer1" width=280 height=256 autostart=1 showcontrols=1 volume=-450> 

thank you very much i had this very rude and not to helpful web design professor at school if i could teach myself the rest of the information i need to know to correctly fix my web page so that i am not using the picuture images on it as thumb nails but in a rather story.

to design media player in

i don'uderstand it.

Try, go to MicroSoft and copy and paste the code, read the tutorials, and follow the explanations of what this code snippet, cut directly from MS does is a place to begin