Has anyone here ever gone and taken a graphics class?
I am taking one right now and I am not sure if I would recommend it unless you do not have your own software. I feel that I am wasting a lot of time in the class when I could teach myself at the same or faster speed. I would say if you are completely new at graphics it may be a good idea but if you have a feel for it just buy some books.

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>but if you have a feel for it just buy some books.

I agree with that. There are so many forums as well dedicated to specific niches, 2d/ 3d design, you can just ask for help from there.


I teach classes, but they are just 1 day classes that comprise 7 hours of a subject. There are 5 levels of photoshop that each are 7 hours long. For other subjects there might only be 2 or 3 classes. It is in my opinion a better way than a long class. Books are also great but unfortunately there are many books that dont do a good enough job of explaning why certain things do what they do which helps in using the software fully.

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