I new to the forum. I am hoping to find some help for a template issue I have.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it looks as close as I can find.

I have an ecommerce site written in perl. It is template driven (one header, footer for the whole site).

The problem I am having is that each of the item pages show the same title (meta title) in the search engine results. This is being considered duplicate content, and I am being penalized for it.

I could sure use some help on figuring out how to have the meta title change (dynamically maybe) to reflect the content title of each page, instead of just one title for every page on the whole site.

If anyone has some suggestions please let me know. I am almost desperate here.

Thank You,

let me see if i got it right... your problem is all of the site's pages show the same meta title... right?

wouldn't this problem be solved if you change the meta content in each page's code?


Thank you for the quick reply.

What i am running is an Ecommerce site. So there are many pages of items.

The problem is that i have one main congfig.pl (perl) file that contains a header and footer for all of the other perl scripts that go along with it. Each individual perl script is called for different functions on the site (ie: search, faqs, register, and so on). these only change the content between the header and the footer, not the header and footer themselves.

What i need to try to do is have it so when the content on the page changes (clicking on an item, or another item) it will change the meta description and title. I am not sure if this can be done dynamically or not. Or if there is a snippet of code i might be able to use.

I know it is a tall request. But I am getting kind of at the end of my rope. The search engines are seeing my content as duplicate content, due to the same header for each page.

The only real place i can see that i can place a regular header (meta tags) is in the config.pl, as that contains the html-head-body for the whole site, although i have roughly 50 additional perl scripts that the config calls upon to make the site function.

Hope i am making and sense here.

Thank you for your help.

well, i guess you could write some code in perl to do that... have you tried the perl forum? maybe they can be more helpful...


thanks again for the quck reply.

I haven't tried the perl forum yet. I reckon that would be more appropriate.

I wasnt sure where to start asking for help.

I will give it a try.

Thank You,

glad to help

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