A user (was a potential client) is seeing jumbled up pages on my site and I have no idea why.

There follows a screenshot of what she has been seeing for the past few days, and a screenshot of the correct rendering seen by myself and other users I've asked.

She is using Firefox, and is finding all pages similarly jumbled up. I have not been making template changes recently. It looks like a css problem somehow.

This is the live site

Any leads or ideas much appreciated.

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I get the same thing with Daniweb (here) sometimes . I am using IE7.

Refreshing seems to help. I dont know what the problem is though, it does it on a clean install?

I'm sure I've seen similar, and fixed it up with a refresh or a browser window resize. But she's come back to it several times, and she gets a similar effect on different pages in the site.

Could there be some setting on her Firefox that could cause it? I don't know what to suggest or where to look for the solution.

I dont think so. I expereince the bug in IE?

She seems to have massive fonts on her window title frames, and on the text of the page itself. Look at the size of font for the title bar on the Firefox window. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and assume that she has some need or desire to have larger than usual fonts. I'm also gonna assume that she uses Firefox's god-awful increase/decrease text size setting; which is like a poor-mans zoom in/out OR she uses Windows configuration to increase font size in all windows.

Result; your text size increases, everything which relies on text size /placement gets misplaced. Can be fixed, but it involves total redesign with this in mind.

It looks even worse for me, with only a moderate increase in text size under FF.. Well I say moderate.. it jumps between 'slightly large' and 'enormous' with about two clicks.. It's an awful feature, and it messes up anything but plaintext.

Hm. That uploaded image got messed up somehow, preview is ok, fullsize view is only about 15% of the image visible, then noise/distortion, then blank.. It was a 256 colour PNG.. maybe that did it. Uploading a jpg aswell.. ignore this one if the last one worked for you.

EDIT: Ha. That one's cut in half on fullsize view aswell, I dunno.

I'm sure you understand what I'm saying though, and it doesn't really need a picture to support it. The text size increase within Firefox itself is bad enough, and I think that it could be even worse visually if an operating system font size setting was being respected, half heartedly, by Firefox.

Thanks muchly jbennet and MattEvans for your thoughtss.

I asked her to clear her cache and to my surprise that fixed it. I'm guessing some file (maybe CSS) was corrupted during download and got stored in her cache for days.

All fixed now.

Maybe the browser doesn't do frames, has frames turned off, or has a script or code in cache that turns off frames..

I don't like frames either.

Hi dear
Relax, I use Firefox and have no problem with ur site. She Increse font size in her browser and make all web site fuzzy, it's not ur problem and it's user side problem.
good job

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