I have created a HTML email for my client and i am having a few problems. I built the email using a table and i have inserted images into table. These images are stored on my hosting account and the email downloads them from the host.

When i create the email using images and email to various different email account types everything works fine. However i replaced a couple of images for background images and suddenely i hit problems!

It worked fine on outlook 2003, virgin, btinternet plus a few others, but i when i emailed it to my client who uses outlook 2007, he couldnt see the image that was loaded as a background!

Does anyone know why or a way round it? I know all the debates on 'you shouldnt be sending HTML emails' etc but i am just creating what my client has asked for.

I know that some email accounts do not allow HTML emails etc. I do not understand why images would show but not background images.

Any help would be great

could you give me a more detailed explanation of the background images because some account wont let through HTML emails with backgrounds to big/small..even too bright/dark backgrounds.
Hope this helps ?

Your client should be taught why not to send html emails.

This could be:

- An ISP restriction on file size.
- An email client rendering the container too small to show the image.
- A firewall acting.
- An accessibility setting is suppressing backgrounds for text legibility.