How do I dynamically show the author of each post next to the post in question? This is a team blog, with 5 contributors, and I'm looking to display each post author once they had posted their own article.

As for now, the simple solution is that I put an image as a background to the post i.e

.post {
margin: 0;
padding:0 0 4px 30px; 

which works perfectly when referencing one author image,and how about the rest contributors?
Please help me to solve the problem. Thank you for your kind attention into this matter.(Note: I'm using a blogger template as well as my blog platform)

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I put up my question hoping that someone will try to show me the way or else advice me on how to. Guess what, I need to figure out by myself though :)

You will be maintaining data base for each post, along with data base right??
take data from there and while generating the page dynamically put the author name along with post in a div or span tag........
is this thing you were asking ???

Thank DangerDev, finally I've found the way out.

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