Hi all, just wondering if anyone here can help me out with a headache that Dreamweaver CS3 is causing me, when i write my HTML i have a certain way of laying it out so that i can quickly look it up and down and find any problems (not that i ever have any problems with my code, honest, lol) that might crop up while i'm building a site.

For example:
<div id="container">
<a class="gallery g001">

However, it seems now that whenever i go and edit my CSS on another page and return to my HTML Dreamweaver goes and rearranges it so it is all displayed in a straight line:

<div id="container"> <ul> <li> <a class="gallery g001">
<span> </span> </a> </li>

It might not seem like much to some of you here but it is very annoying for me, i cannot read that, it looks like junk to me, is there any way of disabling this annoying habit of Dreamweaver? i've tried using Dreamweavers Help option and Google but i cannot find the right keywords to locate a solution...

Edit>Preferences(ctrl+U)>Code Format.

Mess around with it still you happy.
hope it helps

Or use Dreamweaver 8 - I've found too many annoying issues with CS3!

I know you have already spent money on dreamweaver but you can try html-kit by chami it's free