Can anyone tell me if there is a way to automatically publish a dreamweaver web site to the production server at night? THANK YOU!

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You need to setup the site using dreamweaver's site manager which im assuming is using ftp(which I dont know how to setup but it should be rather simple). So you could just use a 3rd party ftp client to upload to the server.


Thanks for responding, however I should have provided more information. I already have everything setup in the site table and can manually push the button to sync the files from local to remote servers. But what I would like is for it to do this automatically at night, say at 10:00pm each day so the files are always in sync. This seems like a very simple process that could be scheduled but I am unable to find anything. THANKS in advance.


Im not sure dreamweaver offers this kind of functionality

I looked around and it looks like there are a couple:
rsync - opensource
Filesync - offers ftpsync also opensource i believe
robocopy ? - not sure what this does, but someone said it was rather good.

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