I am creating a website that must show some inventories in the form of thumbnails.
I can of course, upload these images or photos in one of the many websites that hold albums etc...and I can creat a link to these photos from my website. But I do not like visitors to know that I am using one of these sites to show my thumbnails. When I uploaded some photos to these sites and created a link from my website to it, it shows the name of that website and all kinds of advertising. Is there a site that will not expose its name and advertising?



This is what i would sugguest.

Save yourself some time and upload these images to your server. Linking images to a media host isnt the way to go (at least not long term). If creating thumbs is proving difficult. Use some server-side to get it done automatically.

Sure there's tons of scripts out there. Google and check them out. Here a link to one i JUST found

check it out

All the best