please see http://rapidshare.com/files/35180041/demo.zip.html - if you see the about.htm page, I want to move the scroller upwards until it touches the horizontal menu above it. What is the best way to do this keeping all other items on the page as they are (i.e - spaces should be there around the middle part of the page. also - is it okay if i upload files on rapidshare and give the link in this way?

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yes, thats the one i want to move uo until it touches the horizontal menu above it. if you see the code, you will see thats its difficult to do directly because of the cellspacing="20" of the table. if you set cellspacing="0", everything gets misaligned (that is the small images and text in the middle of the page). i only want to move the scroller up and leave everything else exactly the way it is.


I don't think we are seeing the same thing. All I see is the scrollbar that belongs to the browser window.

The scrollbar at the right edge of the window belongs to the browser, not to your page. You can't change it.

Are you trying to move the menu bar to the top of the page?

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