I have searched many sites looking for this solution and have been unsuccessful. In dynamic drive, there is a new collapsible content box (Switch Content Script II) that almost does what I need. To wit:
Switch Content Script II adds contact/expand functionality to any content using icons such as an image as the toggling interface. Apply it to content on your page you wish to give the viewer the option to hide. Cookies are used to remember and recall each content's last state.
Instead of displaying coded content, I would like to display 4 contnet boxes, each displaying content from a server side file using php. I get this to work fine as coded in DD. Since I am displaying the contents of 4 files, I would like to limit the display in each box to the first five lines in the file, with [more] appended to the last line. When the [more] is selected, the remaining lines would appear in the content box, extending its size and overlaying the other boxes. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You are making this too hard.

Why not just have a truncted version of each file displayed on your master page (including an a tag for the link), and open a new page for each of the four files?

Thanks for the reply - will give it a try, but client may not like second page. Any other options?

Why is he insisting on only one page?

You can put buttoms on each of the pages to change to any of the other pages.