Could anyone point me to a good place to learn CSS.


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Look for the tutorials on the W3C site.

Get a book. I have the Wiley Press "HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible"

Play with it.

One of the good resources for beginner is


And Practice practice practice.
Avoid using Hacks, there are plenty of work arounds, and it will save you headaches when newer browsers come out.

Validate code as you go... otherwise you will cause yourself more problems.

Test for accessibility as you go, otherwise you will have to go back and revise 40% of what you've done.

Read up on things like Usability... and get at least the basics of Search engine optimisation underbelt as well.

Yes, I know, not exactly all CSS, but if you learn them singularly, youmay end up spending more time than is necessary.

may be you can search it in google, just click this a good place to learn CSS

I can have website where I climb it is "good place to learn CSS" and I put there some dirty pictures, no go...
Secondly it is most common advertising phrase "good place to learn" this or that and you just find that resource is no good, badly explained, poor examples etc. Recommended search phrase is no good in my opinion

hmm i think you right peter, it's a bad advice to give someone a search query :)

Another way of learning CSS is by looking at examples - see how other websites have set up their CSS styles by viewing the code.

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