Can I put a <h1,2,3 etc> tag inside a <ul></ul>?

Im trying to get rid of a few of my divs, and I have a menu area which currently has a div wrapper, but I want to replace it with <ul>. But I also want to allow the area to have some scematic meaning.

What other method could I use?

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Can I put a <h1,2,3 etc> tag inside a <ul></ul>?

Yes you can... for example:


Technically ... zmariow ... is correct, (so long as the Lists are not of Menu or Dir types).

The example of more than a single <h1> tag is not correct...
(you should only have a single <h1> ;) ).

You can't put anything directly inside the ul or ol tags except list items. But you can put the h1 etc. tags inside the li tags or other list content tags.

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