I have a "contact" panel that is positioned on the right of the page. However, on pages where the body is longer than the contact panel, there is a gap under the contact panel going to the footer.
I was wondering if theres a way to incorporate a panel to "fill the gap".


If understand you correctly, you want to fill the gap below right panet by body content?
If so, than you may use floating ability of CSS:
1. First move "rightcolumn" div INSIDE and at the BEGINING of your "Content2" div like this:

<div id="content2">
    <div id="rightcolumn">
    ... something in the right column ...
something in content

2. Insert "folat:right;" in css for rightcolumn

#rightcolumn {

Remember that floating content must have width speceifed! Don't remove it form style of rightcolumn.
3. Make wider your content div.
Good luck.