I am working on a website that showcases other artist's work. How does one program the images to display beautifully without allowing

the end-user to steel the image?

In the past, I've used a script that just disables the right click function. I'd like something a bit more sofisticated where it is an

ecommerce site. Remember, I am not a sofisticated programmer...so be specific as to what to do with script if you send any.


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You can make watermarks on images, most of the sites using that format only. Because there are so many ways to get the image from the net. If you disabled right click, they will try to the use PrintScreen option to get your image.

what is watermark?? and how to use it??:?:

Disabling right click doesn't work anyway because someone can view the source to see the url of the picture with the file name, type that into a browser window and you have the picture in a window all by itself with no disbaled right click.

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WaterMark is nothing but Print your name or brand name in center of the image by reducing the opacity to low level.

Often it works to press space bar while right clicking and there you go-save image...

If they REALLY want that image there is always a way to get it? It is also quite irritating to have right click disabled cos im used to browsing by right-clicking and opening links in new tabs...

I suppose even watermark can be even painted over in Photoshop...LOL(One hell of a job though)

I was contemplating a site with artwork myself... thought to put a copyright notice in a bottom corner of the image... cos watermark looks scary....

I suppose the only way to avoid prints is not to put high resolution image? I dunno....

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If they can see the image, the file is already on their computer. All they have to do is retrieve it.

And there are always screen capture programs.... So all is left is ugly watermarks and low resolution?

watermarks is great!

function right(e) {
var msg = "right-clicking on images is not permitted.";
if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape' && e.which == 3) {
return false;
if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' && event.button==2) {
return false;
else return true;

function trapclick() 
document.images[i].onmousedown = right;
document.images[i].onmouseup = right;

Place this code in the body tag:

<BODY onLoad="trapclick()">

if you any doubts search this page

You should also put this bit of text from the same site in there because I feel this is more important than disabling right click on images

It is not very secure. Anyone who understand how web pages work can easily circumvent it.
Results in different browsers can be unpredictable.
It can be annoying for visitors.

Unfortunately, watermarks are your best bet -- all other solutions can be worked around fairly easily.

I think iStockphoto handles it well -- the super-small thumbnails are too small for people to be able to rip off and use. One you go to a larger image, they add the watermark.

That just traps a right click. And I believe that web pages have no right to do this, because the mouse and browser are the property of the user, not the web designer.

If you don't want people copying your images, don't publish them on the web.

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