Perhaps someone here under the Web Design section can help me with this... I want to have one of those simple 'web to phone' forms on my site... it's a small/simple form that allows visitors to input a 10-digit mobile number in the form's followed by a SEND TO PHONE button, which the visitor clicks... within seconds, an sms is sent to the visitors mobile device... in most cases, the sms includes the URL to a mobile web site. The best illustration I've seen of this form can be found at Google Mobile site:

If you go there and view the page (if it displays properly) there is a short form found on the lower left hand side of that web page. My knowledge tells me that the form function is accomplished using an SMS GATEWAY. What I'd like to know is if there's another way that I can achieve the same status without having to go the route of an SMS GATEWAY SERVICE PROVIDER, because most of the providers that I've looked into are too costly for my budget at this point in time, as I have only begun to set-up shop.

Please Note: I allready know how to achieve this SEND To PHONE function MANUALLY (Sending each Msg by myself)... I know the method of attching a 10-digit mobile number with a servic providers email portal (i.e., ""), yet from what I've seen... the form on Google Mobile actually works AUTOMATICALLY. From what I gather, this form is a function known as WEB AUTO-RESPONDER....You input your 10-digit mobile number, Click SEND, and You instantly get a TxtMsg sent back to Your mobile device!)


You would need some script to do that.
ADditionally, you would need some SMS provision.

1and1 hosting provides such things... alternatively, you cansign up to such providers who should giveyou some sample scripts and instructions.

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