Dear Daniweb Community,

I have been trying to make a new navigation for my site as my other one didn't work and no one was able to shred any light on how to get it to work.

So I have tried an easier solution.

Can anyone help me code this: Click Here for Image

If anyone can give me instructions on how to do it, I will be most grateful.

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follow the tutorials

What one?

cheers dude

ill add to your rep

LOL, Christmas came early this year...

ahaha :)


Im just editing it so it looks how I want :)

What's wrong with a static list of links on the page? Does everyone absolutely need the latest bells and whistles?

If you work on web based technical documentation like Java APIs, Microsoft MSDN etc people do not really care about the "flashy" things. They need to quickly and efficiently find what they need. In other case people do expect from you to be "innovative" and give them certain stuff or something new to amaze them

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