First i just want to say that i hope i have submitted this to the correct forum, if not i apologise and please feel free to move it to the correct area.

I'm trying to help a friend with a problem he has using Dreamweavers FTP function to upload a site to the web, but i have hit a brick wall here and dont know what the problem is anymore.

We went through the whole Site Definition process with no problem, when we got to the Remote Info section and submitted the login and password then tested the connection we got a message saying:
"Conects to web server successfully"
so we dont think there is anything wrong there.

But when we try to conect to the server through Dreamweavers FTP to stick his index page up onto the web we get a message saying:
"Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time, the Select newer and Synchronize commands will not be available"
Then we get a second message saying:
An FTP error occurred, cannot get remote folder information.
Dreamweaver cannot connect to the server.
Please check your network connection and try again."

If anyone has any ideas what it is we are doing wrong i would appreciate any suggestions, i was able to get my website online with no fuss so i really dont know what has happened here.

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Is firewall configuarted to allow Dreamweaver access Internet?

Actually we got it fixed in the end, he used this program called "Fetch" and got the pages up onto the web, but anyway thanks so much for replying mate, really appreciate it :mrgreen:

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