I would like to be able to have rotating images on my website that fade in and out.
As im not very good with a computer i thought i would look some things up on the net.I have tried a few and guess what i couldnt make them work.
Is tere someone here that might be able to help?Remember im not good with a pc.
I do have a website that i built with frontpage and thats how i update.But it does all the work not me.

I would like to be able to do is have a few images on my home page that fade in and out as well as rotating .

If anyone can help??????????????

Thanks in advace

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I dont know how to manage my images to rotate.so please give me information regarding this.


I asked the same question here, and had no help. But since I am trying to do the same thing, I will get back to you if I find something via this forum.


Option 1) doing it with Flash, require to have Flash software and knowledge of the package. Positive - easy and quickly done. Negative - more images longer time to uploaded flash object on page access

Option 2) doing it with PHP, require to have PHP enabled server and knowledge of PHP. Positive - PHP is free. Negative - you have to know PHP in deep

Option 3) look for some plug-in from pro PHP coder

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