Dear fellow enthusiastics,

I'm new here, my name is Karina, from Oslo, Norway.
I just got a CS3 Dreamweaver for my mac. In my previous dreamweaver for windows, all fonts were listed in sizes from 1 to 7. Now in the new program, they are listed from 9 to 36 or from xx-small to larger. When I brought in some files to update, they got very messed up on the sizes, because the new program interprets for example size 2 not as 12 (as it should convert easily, I guess), but it interprets it as size 2, so the font becomes almost invisible. I'm working together with other people who has older versions of dreamweaver, and we need all to work with the font list of 1 to 7, so we don't mess up the texts for each other. Anybody knows how to help me?

I'm very grateful for such nice forum!

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Hi Karina,

Simple, what you would like to change is the units of measurement.

So this is how we going to do it:

See on your properties panel, there is a drop down menu called "size" and on the right of it, there is another drop-down menu that should say "pixels". Click on it and change the format to ems. That should do the trick.

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