Hi there,

i have a website which i designed and was having more than 20,000 visits per day; however, the hosting company keeps disabling the most visited pages because it causing problems to their servers (as they claimed).

I bought another domain and had different host.
How can i redirect all the materials and pages and content of the old website to the new website???

my old website is www.example.com and my new website is www.example1.net
if somebody entered www.example.com, i need him to be directly redirected to www.example1.net


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Redirecting is quite a simple task to perform. But you wil be needing some script to work on this issue perhaps you can try javascript to perform that trick! And am sorry to say this, but you'll have to tranfer all the needed files' to your newly bought domain from the old site! Transferring is a lot easier, than coding all the links just redirect the users'!
I can provide you the code! But not in these forum! GoodLuck on your new website.

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