hi! does anyone knows how to convert metric units (such as centimeters) to pixels by hand (i mean the normal calculation, not a function from a programming language or something) ? i just want to be accurate and use pixels instead in measurement...=/ i tried searching but it gives me confusing prolan functions...xD

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Can you convert inches to pixels?

1 inch = 2.54 cm.

hi! does anyone knows how to convert metric units to pixels?

It depends on how many dots per inch you use (DPI) If you know this, you know how many pixels per inch and then just use midimagics tip


^i already did before, but it's too complicated..

hi guys thanks for the ideas...i found it how! ^^ it's 72pixel (up to 120 pixel) = 1 inch (depends on a the monitor)..it's on a book...that's maybe why i can't it find it on the web..=/

But that depends on what monitor resolution someone is using.

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