OK There's this beautiful poetry tornado at: http://www.levitated.net/daily/levTornadoCodePoetry.html and I'm having troubles playing it in player 7 + above.
It's as1.0 but I've managed to run it on player 6 and as 2.0 just by adding type of variable (Array) in first frame of Logic layer. Then I've made some changes and it's partially working in player 7
link: http://bsf.bzzz.net/tornado/tornado7.html
Source: http://bsf.bzzz.net/tornado/tornado7.zip

How to make it work fully?

Any help/ideas appreciated. Thanks!


No one seems to know an answer.
Basically I need this clip to be loaded to another movie. It seems to work fine when I'm loading it to main stage.
Troubles starts when I'm trying to load it to different empty MC. It loads there but doesn't work properly, that's why I want to change it to as2 player 7 or above but maybe I don't have to?
Maybe there's another way of loading it to make it work properly?


I've made it. So don't bother yourself anymore ;)