ive mastered this page to look good in the latest ie and firefox browsers but cannot view them in any other browsers. if anyone could look how this site turns out in other or past browsers i would be very grateful


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Doesnt work on my PDA (IE5 compatible)
Doesnt propeley work (some of it works) on IE6
Works fine on IE7

I've just loaded it in firefox, seamonkey and konquerer, they all work fine and look identical :)

thanks i think by the time ive finished this site everyone will have updated there browsers to newer css compatible ones. thanks for your help, shame it doesnt work properly in ie6

The css is kinda screwed up for IE6

would be nice if there was just one browser that was up to date with css. oh well all part of the fun

I'm sick of moving images used to attract attention, and links shaped like big pills.

And the corner shading overlaps the text somewhat in Firefox

i dint ask for your opinion on the graphics thanks.

i dint ask for your opinion on the graphics thanks.

Actually, you kinda did....

Sorry about that. But....

- Links inside things that look like pills remind me of doctors and hospitals and other things connected with sickness.

- Moving images are interrupts which make it harder for me to read the text.

I wish people would realize that their favorite gimmicks are not universally appreciated.

fair do but im putting a variety of websites together for a portfolio so i need to show i can do a bit of everything. when i have a job ill need that sort of feedback

It displays fine in IE6 however NO LINKS OFF THE PAGE WORK!! (I get a 404 error on any link)

thats cool thanks. i havent set any links yet, just trying to fine tune it. thanks for your input

Ah no wonder no links worked :D

Good luck with it though,it looks good!

I tested it in Opera 9:

Works Perfectly... Looks exactly the same as in Firefox.

Move the ad under the top of the page (that is horizontal) and place it on the bottom of the page, because it makes the site look really weird.

The blue on orange clashes to the point where it is hard to read. You need contrast in the luminance direction for easy readability.

no i asked how it was layed out in browsers not peoples opinions on the quality- "if anyone could look how this site turns out in other or past browsers i would be very grateful"
thanks for all your help

Legibility is not just quality. If the text clashes to the point where it is hard to read, people will hit their back buttons.

does the text clash?

Firefox, Seamonkey, Gran Paradiso, Netscape, IE6, IE7, Opera, Flock & Maxthon all work fine.

Nice site, looks promising.

the graphics (buttons in particular) are a bit slow to load - most likely impossible for dialup users

I agree the images was rather slow to load!
Have you used an Image optimizer recently to resize your image for your website?

There is surely some performance issue with the site, seems to take up all the bandwidth and makes the browser freeze for a second.

i think because he used .PNG - IE seems to be slow to render them

I am using Firefox so I think thats not the problem.

it loads fast on my PDA though (IE5 compatible) apart from the CSS is a bit screwed up - which made me think it was a rendering bug

Calm Down He Was Just Saying That There Is A Lot Of Moving Images

The text no longer clashes. But something weird is happening on the left and right windows.

If I move the cursor upwards over the window from below it slowly, and stop just below halfway down the image, the text window rapidly opens and closes repeatedly.

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