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my job is to administer a few websites for a fortune 500 company - i'm responsible for their web presence across about 100 countries. we currenty have a set of web standards in place which are about 3 years old. i personally feel that 3 years is pre-stone age. can any one of you help me identify the most important web usability guidelines. i know that the best of the web congregates around daniweb and i am sure that your advice will be very helpful. thank you for your help in advance.


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Usability standards or technical standards? For technical standards at the client end; just look at up the latest W3C recommendation for XHTML and CSS, and then step back ( at least ) one version to be sure of compatibility on current / popular / most browsers. If it's technical standards at the server, you're king there - pick whatever standard ( or no standard atall ) that works best. Personally, I think XML + XSLT + compiled applications are the way forward at the server.

As for usability standards.. avoid dependance on plugins, avoid really over-the-top graphic and structure intensive pages, follow W3C and WAI guidelines, ignore hype: and you can't go far wrong.

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