what is the general syntax for the <noframes> tag???

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that means if you are using frame tag in that some areas no need to use frames that time you will insert this tag

commented: PLease read the question through out before answering, question is what is the syntax and not what it is doing -2

The noframes element displays text for browsers that do not handle frames. The noframes element goes inside the frameset element.

If a browser handles frames, it will not display the text in the noframes element.

Important: If you add a <noframes> tag to a frameset, you will have to enclose the text in <body></body> tags!


<frameset cols = "25%, 25%,*">
    <body>Your browser does not handle frames!</body>
  <frame src ="venus.htm" />
  <frame src ="sun.htm" />
  <frame src ="mercur.htm" /> 

No Frames:
The<NOFRAMES> tag identifies a section of the HTML file that contains code to be read by frame-blind browsers. The <BODY> tags must be placed with a pair of <NOFRAMES> tags.

<TITLE>(Page Title)</TITLE>
(Frame Definitions)
(Page Layout)
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