Hi everyone, my name is fedegrafo and this is my first post here.

I have a problem with a table in a liquid layout. It is ok in FF but It does'nt work in IE6/7.

The layout is made by a left column (200px) and a right liquid colum. Body is floating left and has a margin (left-right 5%) to ensure the liquidity. Inside the right column I have a div containing a table. When the table is rich of data and so it grows in width, It breaks the layout. So it'is no more contained in the box.
Is it possible that table enlarges the right-column also in ie? and on the other side when I resize the viewport the table remains inside its box and scroll appears?

here is the code:

Thanks in advance for help


For me it looks...the same.

For me it looks...the same.

Excuse me for the english conprehension, but your phrase means:
I have the same problem or I see the layout working good also in ie6/7?!:-O


It looks the same on both ie 7 and FF 2. I dont have ie6 to compare with. sorry. I phrased it wrong :)

Hi MelechM,

but if you resise window for example to 800x600 ..... can you see the scrollbars also in ie7?

thanks for help