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If you can explain me the purpose of using C++ and the environment you are working in, I guess I would be able to help you.As far as I know C++ cannot be used with HTML, but you can anyways do that depending upon your development environment.


Ok um what do u mean by development environment. Also, if this helps at all, i use html to view on my computer just to learn and expiriment with it i dont actually put it on the web but i might in the future.

also i asked a question similar to this in the c++ forum
heres a link


development environment is the set up of the server where the webapplication is being developed.
but in your case if you just want to experiment with HTML and C++, to my knowledge HTML cannot understand C++ code.but you can very well use HTML formatting in C++ as mentioned in the answer to the same question in the C++ forum.


Hi all,
I want to introduce an interesting new scripting engine for C++ which outputs HTML.It's called C++ Server Pages.
The micronovae Definition for C++ Server Pages:
The power of C++ brought to the web! C++ Server Pages is the most powerful web engine ever, enabling C++ programmers to build superior web applications fast and easy.
The link to

I hope it helps anuradhu,
Good luck.

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