Hi Everyone! I am going to risk it. I seem to almost always post in the wrong corner, but this site is sooo big, I can never quite find my way around. Can anyone answer a question I have? I have posted a video on YouTube about my CroMaché, and people are copying it and posting it all over the net, attaching to it their own ads. I would like to stop that.
I've noticed that there are some videos on YouTube that cannot be compied. How is that achieved? Can anyone tell me if I could block mine from being copied?
This is the problem video:


Thank you very much.

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At the risk of sounding like a jerk... (I'm not trying to, but - )

Get over it. When you submit a video to YouTube, you automatically surrender the rights to it. It's a highly public and user-heavy website. There are literally hundreds of computer programs and applications that are specifically designed to rip content from sites like YouTube. If you post a video there, you should expect things like that to happen.

In all honesty, anything on the internet is fair game, maybe not legally, but if it's good it will get around. By default you shouldn't be able to rip from YouTube, though they've made programs that can anyways. People will always find ways to rip something off. That's something you just have to accept.

Well, you could disable embedding on the video, but that probably wont fix it. The best thing to do would be to not upload videos that you don't want that to happen to. Like the age old saying: "Once on the internet, always on the internet." No matter how hard you try once you post something it will never leave.

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