Photoshop Lesson 1 - Simple, nice looking button
Difficulty: 2/10 - Meaning you should have some Photoshop Experience

After this lesson, you will be able to create, a simple, good looking button in no time.

1.) Create a canvas of 359x33. (CTRL+N or Apple+N)
2.) Create a new layer (this will be for our base colour - Name it accordingly)
3.) Fill the newly created layer with a nice colour (can always change it later) for this lesson I'm going to use #024f90.

--- Phew. that was the fun part, now we going to start getting a little more professional and start applying gradients ---

NB: New to photoshop? Look at attached images if you get last at any point.

4.) Select you marquee tool (M) and use it to select the top half of your canvas.
[Image - 1a.jpg]
5.) Create a new layer, fill it with white. Ensure you havent lost your selection.
6.) Set the layers opacity to 15%.
[Image - 1b.jpg]
7.) Create another new layer
8.) Select the gradient tool (G)
9.) Double click on the gradient editor.
[Image - 1c.jpg]
10.) Create a new gradient that is white with one opacity stop that is centered and transparent.
[Image - 1d.jpg]
11.) Apply your new gradient to the layer you just created. Drag the tool, from the bottom of your canvas to the top.
12.) If you follwed the steps correctly you should end up with something like this.
[Image - 2a.jpg]

--- Thats it ---

Now, you don't have to stop there! Play with the opacity of your layer with the gradient. Apply a colour over-lay to the base colour. It doesn't end here, photoshop is all about experimenting. So go for it.

Step 9, you can just single click on it.

Your 100% Correct. Guess I'm just old school and used to double clicking.

There are a few things I would change about your tutorial.
In step 10, you need to elaborate more for new users. Even with an attached picture, users might not know how to put in a new opacity stop or color stop for that matter.
In step 11, you said to apply the gradient, but you never previously had users deselect the marquee you created so rather than make a gradient on the whole button, it only makes it in the top half of your button. I would also make a mention (for informational purposes) that holding shift while dragging the gradient can lock a vertical, horizontal, or 45 degree angle.

I would say you have a good start, but it does still need more work.

I did mention "Difficulty: 2/10 - Meaning you should have some Photoshop Experience"

Because I didn't want to get into too much detail. But I like your style, want to join up and do the next one with me? PM with your IM details if you game.

I would be more than happy to look over what you make and provide suggestions, but between working full time and running a business on the side, my time is somewhat limited.