I'm creating a website and would like to have a horizontal expandable (drop down) menu list. After doing a lot of search and reading, I found the the following methods:

  1. CSS - pseudo-class (:hover)
  2. Javascript - by using "onmouseover" or "onclick" detectors & Definition Lists (<dl>, <dt> and <dd>)
  3. Flash - by creating a flash movie/button and inserting it

When I create the menu with flash or javascript and try to view it in the browser (usually IE), my browser Popup blocker blocks some parts of the website and says:
"Did you notice the Information Bar? The information bar alerts you when Internet Explorer blocks a pop-up window or file download that might not be safe...."
But the thing is, when I go to another website that does have flash or javascript, I don't get this message.

Is there anyway I can prevent the popup blocker blocking my webpage?
And which method is recommended for creating an expandable menu?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out on this.

Thank you.

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Ok... first one to rule out is FLash - it is heavier to load, you need proprietary tools to maintain it - and it is more difficult to integrate with other technologies on your page.

CSS or JavaScript is a legitimate debate. I tend to favor JavaScript - mostly because I am ultimately needing to do somethings that are a bit more functional, or I need (or want) particular visual effects... (such as wipes or fades or other effects when a menu or sub menu appears).

CSS is a perfectly adequate (and elegant and fast) solution if you need something simple - and don't need effects, or to make alot of fancy manipulations.

If you are doing anything where one menu choice - means options in another menu change (say for example from data from the server) - then you are going to have to manipulate the DOM - and you are better off using JavaScript in the first place - IMHO

A note - in fact if you use JavaScript you will almost CERTAINLY be using CSS too... so it is not either or... it is just that there are also PURE CSS ways to make menus.

The error you are reporting should not occur for normal (DOM based) DHTML menu's created with JavaSript or CSS (or even Flash for that matter)... it sounds like somewhere you are calling window.open() - so if you post your code perhaps someone can help you find what is triggering the pop up blocker...

Good luck!!

Thank you everybody! Your replies were very helpful!!! Appreciate it!

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