Good day,

I am having an issue with IE 5.x and the following web page. For some reason the area of text is narrow as though the maximum possible resolution is 800x600. I say this because testing this page at 800x600 yields a similar result in all browsers tested that IE 5.x browsers produce at 1024x768. Testing IE 5.x at resolutions higher than 1024x768 will generate a desired result.

Because I want the 3 picture based icons in one line across, the minimum width of the overall wrapper needs to be 690 - 700 px. In its present state, the wrapper is 75%. At 1024x768 this should be enough to yield the minimum amount required.

I am aware of the deficiency in IE browsers doubling left margins when displaying CSS and liquid lay-outs. Those fixes have been tried to no avail.

If by chance you're unaware of it, there's a great resource for installing multiple versions of IE here.

Thanks for your time and have a Great Day!

ya this is a browser dependent problem
but you can solve this if you give a tag container to all your contents then give a fixed size to this container using external css

The problem is the order that IE displays size styles and surrounding styles.

Other browsers display the sizes INSIDE the surrounding styles (margin, border, padding).

IE crams the surrounding styles inside the sizes. So the sizes must be made larger, to make room for the surrounding styles (unless the surrounding styles are 0).