Ok, so I have Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Photoshop, and now Fireworks, all the CS4 version. I have been playing around with Flash and Dreamweaver over the past couple days, however, I'm still learning them. Phonoshop I haven't worked too much with. Now, about Fireworks. What exactly is the point of it? What does it do? How does it integrate with the rest of CS4? Also, where is a good place to check out some tutorials for it?

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no one knows what fireworks is for?

Fireworks is for making vector graphics to be used in web pages. It has a lot of default styles to use for fast creation of custom dropdowns, buttons, and navigation bars. All of the neat little graphics found on DaniWeb can be created using FireWorks. If you use Firefox, right click the page and click View Page Info. Click the media tab and scroll through the graphics to see what can be done in FireWorks.

There isn't much you can do in Fireworks that you can't do in Photoshop but many claim FW is quicker and I know there are more default styles etc.

I personally don't use it and do find it quite a bit harder to use the photoshop... strange really.

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