Hi all i want to start a website and i want a form on it so people can sign up like a comunity but i cant link my submit buttons to my email address and i dont know how to make the whole account thing like the one i got when i registared to this site. can anyone help ?:$

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First off all, Do you have any knowledge of HTML.

U will need to create a form which would contain some textboxes and a submit button.

Try making this first and get back to us.


ok i have done the form and somone told me to put my email adress into the action tab but when i try it it does not work :S


Each of your form element will have a name associated with it.

So I assume you have something like this:

<form action="emailit.php" method="POST" >

Name:<input type = "text" name="name" />
Address:<input type = "text" name="addr" />

now to access it on the next page you'll need these variables and pass it to a mail function.
on a file called emailit.php

$message="Name: ".$_POST['name']; //same name as in the input form
mail('myemail@domain.com', $message, 'void' );

for a complete options on emailing visit : http://au.php.net/mail

Put both files on a server and test it....


Thank you very very much for your time. this is a great site.

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