Hi, i want to display a pdf inside my web page using object tag...

I did succeed to display the pdf if i store it in the web root of the server like this:

<object data="images/mytest2.pdf" type="application/pdf" />

but i need to access to a pdf file that is located on some network hard drive, like this
I also tried to display it from a local hard drive without any luck.. so its not a permission error...

<object data="file://M:/dev/tmp/place/of/file/spageti.pdf" type="application/pdf"/>

and it does not work... the path is ok, i tryed it from "start->run" in windows...

How can i solve this annoying error?

Thanks ahead...

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No remote user can look at your network drives. You must upload the file to the network server, and give the file public read permission.


Your file must be on a web server and be accessed via http. Otherwise everyone would be able to get to any file on any other person's computer as long as they are connected to the internet.

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