hello every one and thanks for reading..

i wanted help in CSS coz i am new in that...


i wanted to know how to design the left menu which in that web site

and how it is possible to insert some text and image like u can see in the web site which i mentioned..look in the boxes in the page..can any one help me in that plz...

thanks in advance

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ithelp thanks for ur replay ...i did check that but there no clear idea about that..can any provide me some live example ...thanks..


if you really want to re-create an effect someone else created, the best way is to see exactly how they did it. if you want to create the same effect check their style sheet, it is locate here:


if you are trying to create the rounded boxes focus on the the css Id add-list-left and right, and the classes content-adds car etc.

then look at the html used, which starts at line 516.

hope that helps...

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