Hi, all
i am new on Web Development.
I know there have a lot of articles about this subject on internet. But just want to ask for some experts in DANIWEB. What's their feeling and tips after many years web developing.

Now i feel like: My biggest problem is the difference showing between browsers. As a beginner, i want to ask is there have any way i could avoid this problem??

Thanks and BOW.

simply No
more complex No, but

No you cant avoid some differences http://www.browsershots.org will show you just how different the views of any page are in the different browser screen OS machine combinations there are
If you code to standards your site will look similar enough to be recognizably yours
but look the same on everything from a 2inch blackberry to a 42inch display, Cant happen

My only thing(pet hate, bitch, etc) no fixed sizes, pixel are for pictures, everything else in % or ems, so that the layout adjusts to screen & window sizes and flows.

Google for good design, not search them, look at Google design, plain simple balnk page that just works. No flash, no music, no 55 images, KIS

Thanks fro sharing.

So we could say tips about:
size, pictures, flash, javascript, videos, menus, texts, etc.
Anyone have any good ideas, please share with me.
Thanks and BOW.