I have some pictures i want to place on my website their on my hard drive.Is there a code to place it on the web page?
I've got a HTML book but it doesnt tell me how to it just tells you the basics.
I use notepad to write the scripts if thats useful.



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Hi there,

First I agree with stymiee,

Well as your post shows that you have web site already, and I am sure if you have website hosted somewhere you must have the FTP details, so first use that and connect ftp://ftp.yourwebsite.com/ (*use you ftp add) and upload the images that you want to place on your web site. Then you can use the img tag to place the images on html/asp/php pages

<img src="Location of you Image" alt="alternate text" border="0" /> 
<img src="/images/image.jpg" alt="My Image" border="0" />

I hope this will helpful for you.:)

Best regards,
Rahul Dev

commented: had time for newbies i respect that +1

Man, I pasted wrong stuff. Sorry dude. Use the HTML above.

Man, I feel like an ass....

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