good day everyone.

i'm new hir on this forums and im really learning alot.. though this is more on an advanced learning environment.. sir my problem hir is that i want to learn how to make a simple web designing like putting a background. plus a chat box on you're web.. i know this is a newbie question and also i could look it up in google.. i just want sum 2nd opinion coming from you guys..
like web site where i could check..

hopefully sum1 would reply..


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Get a book on xhtml and css.

Get a book on xhtml and css.

thanks for the reply sir greatly appreciated it...

though how about website?

Though i am also new to css, i found
as a very good site for learning. Hope this will help you.

hi i am abhishek .and if u wanna some help related to html you can add me <EMAIL SNIPPED> and tell me your peroblems whenever you want.

Hi...You can learn the Basics of HTML, XML, Java scripts, SQL, CSS, PHP in the following site I found this site while i was searching for some queries in java scripts. I found this site extremely useful for the beginners.

great guys thnx,.. this really helpys me ive been learnin so much from the said site.. ehehe thnx guys

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