Hi all,

Question is, Is it possible to make a tool tip based on the content saved in a .txt file? If yes, Can you please tell me how?



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You could try PHP - something like this:

// Write out ToolTip.txt file
if ($handle = opendir("path_to_dir_containing_file")) {
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        if ($file == "ToolTip.txt") {
			echo ("<h2>Tool Tip</h2><p class=\"tooltip\">");
			$file_contents = file($file);
			$array_items = sizeof($file_contents);
			$x = 0;
			while ($x < $array_items) {
				echo ("".$file_contents[$x]."<br />");
			echo ("</p>");

i use this one its really cool its jquery.
its called jtip
ops but u save the tip as a htm file.

Can you do something similar to that php in asp or asp.net without having to have 2k worth of code?

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